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Opinion about AnarcyKeskiviikko 30.11.2005 11:56

Tällasen rustasin joskus... Sit laitoin kopion yhteen foorumiin ja juma se poiki ihan mielenkiintosen keskustelun. Eritoten ku sinne ei ruvennu kukaan/mikään raivoisasti kantaansa puolta-pitävä vääntään mitään omaa skeidaa. Jessiltäkin tuli ihan fiksu vastaus. Vaikkakin eka lause sai tuntemaan hieman itsensä nolanneeksi. "Don't get too excited about it, it's just a background image. The band's name was the point anyways."

Hi jess.

I'm messaging you considering the background of your page, the "anarchy and peace". There's one big problem with it, because anarchy and peace is an oxymoron state, in other words: impossible.

Those anarchists who thinks that the world would be better and more peaceful and so on place without control of community (aka goverment) fails to realize the fact that control is in human nature. There always will be "the leader of the pack". Yes, you can compare humans to wolf-pack. There's no anarcy, they got strict hierarchy in the herd.

What keeps humans in (stupid?) hierarchies in these days of "wisdom and intelligence"? Fear. Humans are slaves to their fear.
Plus the common behaviorism. I think you surely do consider that some people are "less good" than you, thus you place them below yourself. If they place you above themselves, there we go: hierarchy. Even with rarity of both clearly agreeing the positions.

I consider the peace, freedom and wildness (in limits) as good things, but anarchy as bad. Anarchy will never be stable state, for there always will be "the stronger", who will come and fill the place of "missing power". Mainly, because when there's anarchy, there sure isnt peace, because everyone will be doing what they like. Criminality would become a common habit. And if the state of anarchy will go long enough, there will start to form hierarchy of criminal-gangs (and the forming would be bloody), and after all the state of anarchy would be least somewhat gone, but the life would have become hell.

My message for all of the anarchists: Smoke the weed, drink the alcohol, stamp the grass all how much you ever want, but do not wish anarchy. Because anarchy is the control of the strongest in it's worst form.

Also, nice hair.


PS. this is just my opinion, so dont burn your sleeves. And dont kill the mouse. ;)

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