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[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 03.12.2007 11:09

Carry On

Today I know, I lost the game
I carry pieces of my life, all that still remains
I used to have a home, place to hide and be alone
But not anymore hun, not anymore

I loved to see that you were weak and frail
And how you cried and said that you’re afraid
I could not care less. I knew it was wrong
But tell me hun, when did you become so strong?

This time I won’t fail, I won’t give up
Flame is still burning inside, untill I’m done
This time I won’t fade, I won’t mess up
So I’ll still carry on, I’ll carry on

Today let me go, and if you do
I know I can’t live without you
So do it now, make your move
It will end anyway, very soon

Today I know, that everything is gone
For me it’s hard to say, who did won
Flame is not burning, and I’m done
You’ll always be my only one

So please carry on hun, please carry on

C. Joni K. 03.12.2007

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