tylsä LauraKeskiviikko 22.04.2009 23:53

{name}: Laura
{age you are}: 20
{age you feel}: 50
{your part of the world}: scandinavia

{music}: depends on my mood so fucking much it's insane
{books/authors}: me, I love me. lol. j.k.rowling, even if it makes me look like a stupid Potter nerd. so fucking what? I like it. o.o oh and Dan Brown... another mainstream author, yays, desu desu ~
{colors}: so many. let's name pink, all shades of it.
{season}: summer
{animals}: kitties :>
{parts of nature}: just generally.... nature.
{food}: many
{scent}: many, also
{fashions/designers/style icons}: could care less. i dress how i feel or what I like, end of story.

.fill in the blanks.
if you were a(an) ________ you'd be a(an) _______.
{animal}: cat
{fruit}: orange
{song}: gah, idk
{season}: summer
{character in a story}: lol >.< eh, i'd be remy, dunt ask me who it is... it's mine.

{make some wishes}: i wish i wish i was not a failure
{spend a day in the life of}: dunno.... i like me.
{what makes you angry/sad}: so many things, but the lack of justice mostly

{emotions you most often feel}: randomness

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