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Pentagonin vauriot ja uhritLauantai 10.11.2007 19:12

Pentagonin vauriot
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Pentagonin työntekijä "Haistoin Kordiitin hajun"

Kuvista näkyy selkeästi, että toisistaan riippumattomia paloja ja räjähdyksiä on tapahtunut eri puolilla Pentagonin rakennusta.

E-kehästä ei ole tullut ulos mitään "konetta" tai sen osaa, silti jotkut virvalit väittävät, että esim. punch out aukko on "lentokoneen moottorin tai laskutelineen" tekemä :)

Pentagonin tilintarkastajat huomasivat Rumsfeldin hävittäneen
Pentagonissa 2 300 000 000 000 dollaria eli 2300 miljardia dollaria.
Donald Rumsfeld Admits 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS Cannot Be Accounted For 9-10-2001
2.3 Trillion Dollars 9 years later is Still Missing Where is the money.flv

Rumsfeldin mukaan kysymys on elämästä tai kuolemasta, kenen elämästä
ja kenen kuolemasta, sitä hän ei maininnut.

Tosin se selvisi seuraavana päivänä, jolloin kukaan ei enää kysellyt 2
300 miljardin kadonneen dollarin perään....ei ainakaan ne 27
Pentagonin tilintarkastajaa, sillä ne oli kuolleita.

Kaikki Pentagonin tilintarkastajat komennettiin tuona aamuna aamupalaveriin huoneeseen, joka sitten räjäytettiin.

Pentagonin urit:
1-Brenda Kegler most recently as a budget analyst for the Army
2-David Laychak civilian Army budget analyst for the Pentagon
3-Samantha Lightbourn-Allen budget analyst who handled credit card
accounts for the Department of the Army
4-Shelley Marshall budget analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency
5-Robert Maxwell civilian budget analyst for the Army
6-Molly McKenzie civilian budget analyst for the Army, was in her
first-floor office a few doors from the impact site
7-Odessa V. Morris budget analyst for the Army
8-Diana Padro staff accountant for the Department of the Army
9-Martha Reszke civilian who had worked for the Army budget office for
the past eight years
10-Cecelia E. Richard She was working as an accounting technician for
the Department of the Army the day that American Airlines Flight 77
slammed into the Pentagon
11-Edward Veld Rowenhorst civilian accountant for the Army
12-Robert E. Russell civilian budgetary supervisor for the Army,
worked at the Pentagon and hasn't been seen since the attack
13-Marjorie C. Salamone would often carpool with other Springfield
residents headed to the Pentagon, where she was an Army budget
analyst. Her husband recalled, "A neighbor came by and said, 'Your
wife was a wonderful slug,' " using the jargon for carpooling
14-Janice M. Scott Army budget analyst. Janice Scott, who had worked
at the Pentagon since the late 1980s, was relocated last month to Room
471, First Floor, E Ring -- the area destroyed by hijacked Flight 77.
15-Antionette Sherman Doctors gave Army budget analyst Antionette
Sherman two days to live after she was burned over 70 percent of her
body when Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon on Sept. 11.
16-Edna L. Stephens With 34 years at the Pentagon, the civilian budget
analyst for the Army looked forward to retiring next year and moving
back to her home town, Gainesville, Ga. About three years ago, she
thought about retiring, but instead, Stephens bought her first home
and pushed off thoughts of retirement to the future.
17-Karl W. Teepe budget analyst.
18-Sandra White civilian in the Army budget office, but her husband, a
retired Army colonel, said she displayed the fortitude of a soldier.
19-Carrie Blagburn civilian budget analyst for the Army, has not been
heard from since Flight 77 plowed into the side of the Pentagon
housing her office Tuesday morning, loved ones said. The Army lists
her as unaccounted for.
20-Angelene C. Carter The 51-year-old accountant is among those who
went to work at the Pentagon on Tuesday and did not come home.
21-Sharon S. Carver accountant for the Army She is listed on the
Army's unaccounted-for list, and her family continues to wait for news
about her.
22-Ada Davis Army accountant and doting grandmother from Camp Springs,
is listed as unaccounted for.
23-Brenda C. Gibson 59, worked in budgeting and accounting for the
Army, a job she was so dedicated to that she had postponed surgery to
work last Tuesday and help close the books for the budget year.
24-Carolyn Halmon worked the day shift as a budget analyst for the
Army at the Pentagon. 25-Herman Halmon, her husband of nearly 30
years, worked evenings.
26-Jimmie Ira Holley Pentagon accountant shortly before 9 a.m.
Tuesday, just before a passenger plane plowed into the World Trade
Center and touched off a macabre series of events that would leave his
family devastated. An hour after the call, Jackson-Holley was at work
at the pharmacy at Fort Myer when a loud explosion shook the building.
As she and her colleagues raced outside, she looked toward her
husband's workplace and saw billowing clouds of black smoke.
27-Peggie Hurt Peggie Hurt had been on the job at the Pentagon only
two weeks. Her position in the Army's accounting section, which
followed a stint with the National Guard, was a promotion the Virginia
State University honors graduate had eagerly sought. "She was excited
to move on," said Delores Hardy, her cousin.

Kuka vielä uskoo satuihin, kuka uskoo Osamaan ja hänen 19
kamelikuskiinsa, jotka tulivat jostain Afganistanin luolista ;)

1-Lt. Cmdr. Dave Williams Lt. Cmdr. David Lucian Williams, 32, received his commission from the Reserve Officers Training Corps at the Virginia Military Institute. A year after graduation, he boarded the amphibious ship Gunston Hall for a three-year tour at sea. Back on land, Williams attended the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, Calif., for two years before setting out again aboard the Whidbey Island, another dock landing ship, and the Nashville, an amphibious transport.
Williams joined the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations in August 2000. His job at the Pentagon focused on troop movements in case of a terrorist attack in the United States, the Oregonian newspaper in Portland reported.
Gerald F. DeConto As director of the current operations and plans branch of the Navy Command Center, Capt. Gerald F. DeConto, 44, was organizing the Navy's response to the World Trade Center attack when he died in the crash at the Pentagon.

Williamsin tehtävänä oli 9.11.2001 Pentagonissa organisoida joukkojen käyttö mahdollisessa terrori-iskussa.
Williams oli juuri järjestämässä vastatoimenpiteitä WTC 1 ja 2 iskujen jäljiltä, kun rakennuksessa räjähti pommi.

Mistäs nuo Pentagonin
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Tässä muuten ollaan samoilla linjoilla kuin sinä, eli miksi Pentagoniin piti iskeä. (Jollain muulla kuin 757:lla) Oletko tutustunut?

Urit löytyy
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Etkö vielä ole jäsen?

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