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[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 01.12.2010 00:03

Chokuritsu no chokoreto.
Pystysuora suklaa.

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 30.11.2010 19:39

Maailman taiteen historia -kirja pääsi tänään vihdoin oikeuksiinsa:

GACKT2011-kalenterin prässinä.

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 30.11.2010 11:37

no saitko nyt orkut kun laattaa pääsit lääppimään BD?

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 30.11.2010 01:19

Now we are talking about the thing
what we don't talk about
the almighty head won't realize
how much there's nothingless

näin unta:Maanantai 29.11.2010 13:21

...että Miyavi kuoli.


Fairy play?Sunnuntai 28.11.2010 23:45

same ol' stories, nothing's changed
you were the last one i wanted to hear it from
i thought this wouldn't turn into rage
but we engaged - may i ask what for?

you wonder when the credits of this movie will beging to roll..

how many times do i have to say?
how many times you have died?
how long did all of this pay?
how long we survived non-fried?
there's nothing new to tell
there's you and i - both unwell
we're too old to be kids in love
fear not, though there's no almighty above

was it few years back in time
when i wanted to make the lines straight
no dots allowed, neither shine
i won't walk on a made road - my own delight

the fingers i won't ever recognize..

this is the first time i've ever told the truth
my eyes were wide open 'till now

that's too thick - even from you
i won't listen to this any longer

[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 28.11.2010 23:21

allowed to people over 3 years of age
how filthy is it in there?
don't try to hide the face you've already shown
do you hate to see my life on a stage?
you rip the athmosphere
since when i was listening you? - i do this on my own

...uso....XDSunnuntai 28.11.2010 21:44


ja käykää itte kattomassa, jos ette typoja kuvasta uso XD

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 27.11.2010 19:40

me kaikki toivotaan klise-elämää.