has a serious attitude(problem).

[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 30.11.2008 16:18

Losing emotion,
Finding devotion,
Should I dress in white and search the sea.

I only wished to become something beautiful.

The 3rd and the Mortal - StreamTiistai 18.11.2008 19:42

I long for you
As a flower for the morning dew
I long for you
As a hind longs for the running streams

Frown on me no more
And let me smile again
Before I go away
And cease to be

While I refused to speak
My agony was quickened
My heart burned within me
As the fever rose
My eyes are open
But I can not see

Gethsemane.Perjantai 07.11.2008 13:22

Toll no bell for me Father
But let this cup of suffering pass from me
Send me no shepherd to heal my world
But the Angel - the dream foretold
Prayed more than thrice for You to see
The wolf of loneliness in me
...not my own will but Yours be done...

You wake up where's the tomb?
Will Easter come, enter my room?
The Lord weeps with me
But my tears fall for you

Another Beauty
Loved by a Beast
Another tale of infinite dreams
Your eyes they were my paradise
Your smile made my sun rise

Forgive me for I don't know what I gain
Alone in this garden of pain
Enchantment has but one truth:
I weep to have what I fear to lose

You wake up where's the tomb...

"I knew you never before
I see you never more
But the love the pain the hope O beautiful one
Have made you mine 'till all my years are done"

Without you
The poetry within me is dead

"You tell me, my love; It's not love if it's not forever. But let me
tell you; A Scene could be much more to remember than the play itself."

With Wishes for you, in June '98

Pure.Sunnuntai 26.10.2008 13:20

I, I used to be so sure.
I, I used to be so pure.
I cannot explain,
I get lost in the pain.
In the meaning there's a mystery,
that's hidden and locked,
that's the paradox,
You never know until it's too late.

I, I've seen it all before.
I, I wanted so much more.
The things I was sure,
were perfect and pure,
where nothing more than fantasies,
all hidden inside, something so unkind,
and you never know until it's too late.

I'm going to the open sea,
and I'm going to say goodbye to me.
I'm going to the open sea,
and I'm going to say goodbye to me.
I'm going to the open sea,
and I'm going to say goodbye to me.
I'm going to the open sea,
and I'm going to say goodbye to me.

[Ei aihetta]Torstai 23.10.2008 02:06

Karma iski.

Heaven Now - London After MidnightMaanantai 20.10.2008 02:06

I don't want to bleed
I don't want to bait
I don't want to see
the pain and the hate
that you need to feel
you need to feel alive

down inside your soul
your blood and your skin
nod to the cold and nod to the sin
and it makes you feel
it makes you feel alive

I want heaven
I want heaven
I want heaven right now

you've given it away
the sin you create
to addicts of pain
disease is the faith
and it makes them feel
it makes them feel alive

I just want the truth
I don't want your pain
I just want the truth
without your shame
and I need to feel
I need to feel alive

I want heaven
I want heaven
I want heaven right now

I've been crucified
almost died
I've seen too much of your darker side
I don't care anymore
I just want it all
right now

London after Midnight. <3Perjantai 17.10.2008 18:56


Megabuenolol.Maanantai 13.10.2008 00:08

Joku Stockmannhävikki. :'D Nauran henkisesti itteni kumoon.

Nyt taas päiviksi katoaminen täältä. Heippa.

Kaikki tai ei mitään.Tiistai 07.10.2008 23:11

Huomaamme taas - olen kykenemätön "normaaliin" elämään. Onneksi katon kuviot ovat edelleenkin äärimmäisen mielenkiintoisia.

Sanoja - Indica. <3Maanantai 29.09.2008 17:31

Kuinka on vaikea luovuttaa
Sanoa kiitos ja poistua
Me puhumme vain tulevaisuudesta
Kun pelkkä tyhjyys on ympärillä
Vieläkö sen voi korjata
Saada sammuneeseen hehkua
Minä hymyilen aina enemmän
Kun tunnen tyhjyyden ympärillä

Vielä kannanko haaveita haudatusta
Vielä luuletko, kaipaa vain korjausta
Alla päivien uinuu

Olen koettanut ymmärtää
Kuinka lopulta kaiken menettää
Ja vain tuntea kiitollisuutta
Vaikka tahtoisin olla muualla
Onko aina kauniimpaa
Se mitä ei voi saavuttaa
Nyt vain kaipuu iltani värittää
Kun huomaan tyhjyyden ympärillä

Vielä annanko sieluni eiliselle
Miksi rakentaa alttari lupauksille
Sanoja meille vain jää

Vielä annanko sieluni eiliselle
Sakset jos päästän tanssimaan paperille
Sanoja edes ei jää