enjoy the little things in life. for some day you'll look back and realize they were the big things

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[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 29.03.2011 00:05

"Sometimes, I feel like I'm still dreaming. It seems like everyday, you're always on my mind. This is how we stay so connected, so connected, over space and time.
Every week the days seem to get longer, but you know our love gets stronger with every word we say. Stronger every day. You know I would do anything for you.
If you are feeling down, you know I feel it, now. We give each other strength to make it through the darkness. You take me to a place I never want to leave. I'm in my deepest dream, I don't ever want to wake up. I'll fight till I die, I won't say goodbye, and I won't let this pass me by."luw you♥

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