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Cloud 9Sunnuntai 21.03.2010 05:28

Don't try to blow my paycheck to smithereens
Never shoot your silver bullets like they were gold
I won't adjust my perception by artificial means
Sever all the links to manhood - Do as you've been told!

I've been warned
too much to be alarmed

Won't find me knowing which way the wind blows
Won't find me making any kind of compromise
But I'll assure you that there will be lots of blood
Traded for the richest fields of oil for my SUV

Storm is there somewhere, but I just don't care
'cause I've got my own casualties
Our bank accounts are in the front line
The counter purchase for your views
for a better world
for greener landscapes
for smarter people
for a life worth fighting for.


Environmentalistinen laulu elitistisen elintasosyöpön näkökulmasta.

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