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1. you wake up when the sun don't shine

2. you drive hours to a mtn, to find the race is

3. there is no such thing as a social life in the winter

4. you're probably tuning your skis instead of being
out on the weekend

5. you cringe when you think you hit a rock, &
want to cry from the damage

6. you spend hours upon hours
prepping/tuning/waxing skis

7. you spend Friday night prepping skis for training
the next day

8. you don't go out and buy something
try to duct tape it first

9. you're constantly checking on USSA or FIS for
point updates

10. you wear spandex in -20° weather

11. all you care about is when you can eat next

12. you spend more time on the hill, then at school
or doing homework

13. your car has some sort of skiing sticker

14. your cell phone has a US Ski Team sticker on it

15. you have random ski straps everywhere you

16. your room is plastered in skiing posters

17. you steal ski signs from mountains

18. you wish it was winter year round

19. your Christmas list is mostly race gear/

20. you'd rather go on vacation to freeze your ass,
then be in the tropical sun

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