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<3<3Maanantai 26.11.2007 22:08

Gloomy Break of Dawn

I wanted to die, had (already) closed my eyes
Wanted all I was to return to nothingness
But couldn’t sleep for all the thoughts in my head

Cloudy sky, flickering rain
Yesterday’s fine weather seems like a lie
Saw the rain slash down “similar to the torments of life”

Wind, once it blows
the scenery changes. How would it be to fall down?

Sunken deep upon the bottom of the sea, all alone secluded in a shell
Have been warned about the uselessness of grief, salvation comes from this smiling face

The deep, gloomy wood sprawls into darkness, I lock my heart into a cocoon
And unravel the yarns of sorrow

In the never-ending darkness of the break of dawn, I question the warmth still remaining on my hand
Will this murmuring brook ever carry the sasabune1
back to this place?

In the rain I murmured
“Let the weather be find tomorrow"

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