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[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 02.05.2006 22:00

How this can be so different? Yesterday it was so sunny day in Finland, day after party, and I just have seen my dear beloved, and then I am talking to Gissa, and Moogle, and Samu, Moogle takes a eyelash curler from the table, and fiddles with it, and then Samu asks, what is it, someone answers to him, and Moogle also shows him the idea, and Samu asks make it to me, and I take eyelaash mascara from my backpack and colour his eyelashes, and curl them, and he looks so sweet, no, not gay, just sweet stranger boy, with punk-like hairdo, and they take me to the bus, and we walk down the street, friendly dying sun lights our way and wind is flowing in my hair, ahh what a walk down the street, Aleksanterinkatu was it so? and today I am sooo lonely watching through the window to the gloomy grey evening, from the work of mine, software testing, full workday, and grey light, what a change.

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