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Jerry's monologue about catsTiistai 09.05.2006 04:16

Sometimes they can be irritating, but that's only because they don't understand things.
Well, it just seems like that, because they just look at you when you tell them things, like a baby. They are happy that you talk to them, and want you to hold them and take care of them, but they don't understand it.
Although, cats can know some things. Like the one cat that likes me, Logan, well she likes to drink out of the sink in the bathroom instead of the water bowl we have for the cats in the kitchen. I am not sure why this is, maybe she doesn't like to share with the other one. Or something.
It would be cool if cats could talk.
Then they could say what they want, instead of just meow... Well, maybe they don't know what they want, I don't know.
Logan allways starts meowing when she sees me, but when I go to pick her up she wants down right after.
She will let me hold and pet her forever if it's she that comes to me, but if it's the other way around, usually it doesn't last that long.

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