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Some good changes.Sunnuntai 14.05.2006 18:57

At least, I got a human to rent my apartments to.
Also, I will have the possibility to get things from there. I don't need to keep them at some other place, as I will rent only one room and second will be locked with all thingies inside. This is good.
Now I have another problem.
What to take with me. I always have a decision problem.
Now it go worse. Things I want, are tons, things I can take are like 30 kg. Kills me.
Maybe I take all cosmetics, and japaneese handmade lynx-bowls, and chopsticks, and tea-stands with Rafael's angels painted, and Madonna icon in silver framework, and Latin grammar books, and Old English grammar book, and French phrasebook, and couple Finnish grammar books too, and MUME-maps, and installation disks, some clothes, and commando knife, and one Finnish knife, and some gentle fabric, black and silver, bit transparent, and swimming suit, and flippers if they fit there...
Now you shoud understand me.

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