Otto W. Lehikoinen

random thoughtsLauantai 13.05.2006 06:33

now that I finally got this fucking thing to work, I don't feel the least bit tired.. more than so, I feel like could in fact stay awake throughtout the whole night and morning (which means of that either a) I will be asleep in 30mins or b) I will not sleep for a while and when I do manage to sleep I'll do so for the next day)..

I sent this gift certificate of Interflora to my mother.. she'll get it sometime tomorrow or today. the thing is, I haven't got the foggiest where there's a florist's where she or me dad can actually pick'n'choose the blooming flowers.. and in this case my love, Google, could not help me out.. so we see that even it is not perfect.. ;) there's papal fallacy for you in 1010101010101010000111010100111 form.. but.. if I understood that thing correctly, there should be one shop in a shopping centre (Sello)

Ok.. so.. fuck.. I've been cursin' me arse out in English for the last few odd 'ours, so sorry me mates'n'lasses.. again, my bad..

Top o' the mornin' you, my pretties..

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