Tristan and Nic Puehse are fraternal twins who were born on December 8, 1997 and began skating just after their 6th birthday. Their natural athletic ability and toughness, combined with a "no-fear" attitude have made them serious competitors.

They began skating in CASL's (California Amateur Skateboard League) 8 and Under division in May 2004. In their very first CASL competition, Tristan took 1st and Best Trick while Nic placed 2nd. In August 2004, they were moved up to the 10 and under Sponsored division while still just six years old!

In July 2004, after 2 months of competitive skating, Nic won gold and Tristan silver at the California State Games in San Diego.

Tristan and Nic enjoy skating competitions and just for fun. A typical week consists of skating 3 - 4 days a week at local and surrounding skateparks.

Since they began skating, they have received amazing support from family, friends, sponsors and fellow skaters. Their current sponsors are Powell Skateboards, Bones Swiss, Nike 6.0, Sony, Gatorade, Autobahn, Electric, Khiro, The 187, PLA, S-One and Sk8nuts. They are also flowed by Nixon & Tracker Trucks. For more information about these companies, please visit the Sponsors and Friends page.

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