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Last nights dream shortly in guild chat.Perjantai 19.08.2011 12:45

[09:22:07] [G] [85:Yumholic]: Mornings :)
[09:22:22] [G] [85:Apocalyptous]: good sleep? :D
[09:22:39] [G] [85:Yumholic]: Yeah and veeryyy weird dream
[09:22:50] [G] [85:Apocalyptous]: what about?
[09:23:29] [G] [85:Yumholic]: it was mixed rl and wow, cataclysm came and skull clouds and stuff
[09:23:49] [G] [85:Apocalyptous]: lmao :P
[09:24:20] [G] [85:Yumholic]: i was on stables when there was sheeps on the coast, they had escaped, also foals from there went to swim to water.
[09:24:28] [G] [85:Apocalyptous]: lol
[09:24:31] [G] [85:Apocalyptous]: o.O
[09:24:43] [G] [85:Yumholic]: i saw deathwing fighting against sun in the cloudy sky
[09:25:03] [G] [85:Yumholic]: there was zeppelin with taurens, but later it was destroyed, they couldnt escape.
[09:26:20] [G] [85:Yumholic]: we escaped to some weird flying wooden thingy and it was kinda safe place, massive rain and storm, very local one was reaching us and it killed everything on its way
[09:27:21] [G] [85:Yumholic]: after every fight we went to sauna, and then that wooden thingy landed in the forest, that wooden thingy was kinda circle and there was no walls, only roof.
[09:27:52] [G] [85:Yumholic]: some human, actually lots of them, attacked to us, and if you went outside of that safe place you got killed.
[09:28:31] [G] [85:Yumholic]: i had axe and shield as my weapons, but i abandoned shield and used dagger.
[09:28:56] [G] [85:Yumholic]: then i went outside and fighted against them, hitting axe to their heads.
[09:29:00] [G] [85:Yumholic]: then i woke up :D
[09:29:17] [G] [85:Yumholic]: and it wasnt even nightmare.
[09:30:33] [G] [85:Yumholic]: so yeh weird dreams are weird :P
[09:35:06] [G] [85:Yumholic]: wish i could be able to draw it

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