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Weird dreams again in guildchat.Torstai 01.09.2011 18:32

[15:10:42] [G] [40:Zanthras]: saw weird dream again
[15:10:57] [G] [85:Raiale]: /shares with naer
[15:11:08] [G] [85:Raiale]: tell me about it Zan I like hearing about dreams
[15:11:43] [G] [40:Zanthras]: i have to think how to tell it.
[15:12:07] [G] [85:Raiale]: lol
[15:12:40] [G] [40:Zanthras]: i think i was at themepark.
[15:13:33] [G] [40:Zanthras]: there were guardians working there, also few that i know, and someone random who was normal before, but now she was in feel chair and nobody wasnt allowed to disturb her.
[15:14:27] [G] [40:Zanthras]: my friend was finding geocaches, but she kinda cheated, she logged em to be found even she didnt find them, and my bf showed where they were.
[15:15:56] [G] [40:Zanthras]: well, suddenly one of those guardians was shot, bit more far away in the road, when we heard about it we went outside and that guardian i knew was shot too in his leg in outside of one building, i saw it. Then ambulance came
[15:16:31] [G] [40:Zanthras]: we followed ambulance and we saw that other guardian and some ppl around it.
[15:17:23] [G] [40:Zanthras]: time kinda stopped there for a while, we wondered around on that place, it reminded me about small road or train thingys where trains move.
[15:17:51] [G] [40:Zanthras]: then suddenly there was something on the sky
[15:18:27] [G] [40:Zanthras]: im not sure if it was meteorite or something, it was glowing there and stuff
[15:18:43] [G] [40:Zanthras]: some pink, purple, blue and stuff on it.
[15:19:12] [G] [40:Zanthras]: then those was planes and zeppelins came, zeppelins were wow looking ones.
[15:20:30] [G] [40:Zanthras]: it destroyed them all and we had to run away, we went nearby shop and or my friend went and bought some food, we were going to go to bomb shelter by running, but someone came with car (probably his father)
[15:21:10] [G] [40:Zanthras]: we jumped to moving car and im not where were we going but soon after that dream ended.
[15:21:20] [G] [85:Raiale]: lol you crazy
[15:21:53] [G] [85:Raiale]: well it sure beats my ryhven on a tractor dream XD
[15:22:04] [G] [40:Zanthras]: lol

sorry my bad english :P

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