[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 25.11.2007 00:22

Just to think about it,
I would do things that
I would regret, tryna get you to
understand how i felt for you
I tried real hard time and time again
but i didn't know my love wouldn't grow,
I shoulda just let it go
But i stayed around thinkin you would learn to love

*And we both know, you're wrong
There's nothing you can do,
to ever undo what you've done to me
I loved you, deep in my heart
I know you couldn't love me
But, baby i just kept holding on,
I shoulda let you go
Shoulda let you go

Couldn't do without it,
I felt i needed you in my world to get me by, by
More and more i looked out for you,
you tried to play me like a fool so i didn't care,
that love wasn't there,
had to just let it go
Couldn't stay around,
thinkin you would learn to love


And now your gone, plus I'd rather be alone
We both grown, lower your tone over the phone,
Aight, i shoulda known, damn i shoulda known
This wouldn't last long,
when you didn't come home some nights
And now i'm on, in the zone,
handle business on my own
So respect the queen on the throne, aight?
Here's some strong advice, move on, that's life
You wrong, i'm right, and i'm glad i letchu go


Don't know why you would ever lie to me so,
But i shoulda letcha
Don't know why i could never let you go
Coulda, Shoulda, Letcha
Everything i did, everthing i gave
You didn't understand NO
Don't know why i could never let you go
Cuz i shoulda letcha,
I shoulda let you go
Long time ago, YEA!

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