[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 12.12.2007 03:08

It seems you can't hear me
When i open my mouth you never listen
You say stay, but what does that mean
Do you think i honestly want to be reminded forever?

*Don't waste your time trying to fix
What i want to erase
What i need to forget
Don't waste your time on me
what does that even mean
I don't want your hand
You'll only pull me down
So, save your breath
Don't waste your time

It's not easy not answering
Every time i want to talk to you
But i can't
If you only knew the hell i put myself through
Replaying memories in my head of you and i
Every night


You're calling
You're talking
You're trying
Trying to get in
But it's over,
it's over
It's over..


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