[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 16.12.2007 16:40

Boy, It's so hard to say goodbye
but your gonna be lonely,
lonely without me
When i leave i would think
about how much i wanna be with you
but you never believe me
Now who can i trust
when my heart
I admit the day i fell for you
You know you had me caught up
but the truth is
I can't keep lyin to myself
So, tell me..

*Tell me what im supposed to do
when i was so caught up in lovin you
Now It's so hard to say goodbye
I don't wanna be lonely
Cuz' when i look back you got just what you deserve
I never fort i'd be the one that's gettin hurt
Boy, it's so hard to say goodbye
but your gonna be lonely
lonely, without me

If i stay
We can't be friends
You wanted more than i can give you
but you never cared
All the times that i was there for you
whenever you needed me
Now the lies are goodbyes
but baby thers no need to cry
So, you can wipe all your tears away
Without you im lonely
Tell me..


And now you are all alone
The love that i can give you it won't be the same
You needed what i did
baby accept your fate
Please, go baby
Cuz' if you hold on
It will be hard
for me to move on..


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