[Ei aihetta]Torstai 10.01.2008 03:32

Dear the love of my life,
I must've apologize for the games and the times i lied
Regret fills my mind and even though i try to run
But the truth is so hard to hide
Ever since you've been gone
My worlds so torn apart i have no place to rest
My best wasn't there i admit my carelessness
i only wish you could hear

*My heartbeat cries for you, this hurt i feel is true
Spent the rest of my days feeling all of this pain
and your still the one that got away
My heartbeat cries for you, this hurt i feel is true
Can't help feeling this way, my life can't be the same
Without the one that got away

Looking back at your pictures, i realize how much i miss ya
Feeling like i lost my world
I wish that i could rewind the time back to when you were mine
It's not the same without ya boy
When your under the sheets and your all over me
and all the games that me and you would play
There's an ache in my soul and though
i know it's my fault that you slipped away


Boy, i wonder if you ever think of me the way i think of you
Someday things will be back to the way they used to be
When everything was you and me baby
I'm telling you someday
you'll know you were more than just a love
Someday soon enough



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