[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 28.03.2008 18:15

Why don’t you return my calls?
Why you trip out where i be?
You don’t ever come to see me
You say that you're 2 busy
What the hell i don't have time
Why you messin' with my mind?
I can find another guy
Someone who will treat me right
I don’t need this bullshit
I won't put up with it
Any longer
You can go if you want
*I don’t need your pity
I will be just fine if
You decide that you want to leave
Closer go behind you
I just want to know what

**What about all of the things that you said?
What about all of the promises that you made?
What about all of the lies that you gave?
What about all of the things you told me?
What about us?

Thought you said you were different
Was that what i heard you say?
Said that you'd love only me
Thought that you'd be all i'd need
What if it took promises
Said that you were a better man
Your words have no ways with me
Cuz you can't have it i see, i don't need that


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