[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 27.06.2008 01:22

There wasn't anything i didn't love about you
You'd do some stupid things and i'd laugh at those too
and we went together like the summer in june
but who'd have known that it'd rain so soon
Thought i'd be the only one that'd make you smile,
thought i'd be the only one that'd really know how
but you showed me different and i know better now
I gotta get you out my system somehow

*I replay it over and over again
you were my boy, now we ain't even friends
You could've been my all or nothing, all or nothing
Now to me your nothing, you are nothing, now your nothing

Put you on a pedestal, i held you so high
was never too good at finding the words to describe
Just how i felt for you but you know that i tried
but somehow we went and changed inside
You damn near were my everything your still on my mind
but i'd rather be here all alone and i'm doin just fine
Gotta take it back to the days before we met
and live our lives as strangers again


December days, my summer turned to winter
When you went away
I can't help but wonder
Was he worth my pain
You should know better
and i should've too
and i cried and you cried and we tried to make it work
almost died while we tried
is that what our love was worth
If i could do it again, i would be a better girl
Now i'm living with just memories


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