[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 13.11.2009 09:25

You wanna go
and as you open up the door
You change your mind
I'm not something to leave behind
You'll never know all these things i feel inside
I want to show you
There's nothing out there to find
*Baby, i wanna make you see
There's nothing more to fear
'cause everythings right here

**I'm everything you want
I'm everything you need
and every little part of you is a part of me
I'm everything you know
I'm everywhere you go
and i hope that you see
That your everything to me

Whisper to me
i hang on every word you say
Don't tell me no as you turn and walk away
Don't shut me out
I'm much stronger then you know
but you're on your way
You'll be back with me someday


I understand your confusion
In denial, disillusioned
but i won't wait too long
and i might just move on
I'm buried by your indecision
Digging for the life i'm missing
Just look inside and see
i hope there's room for me


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