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[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 02.02.2010 23:22

I was missing you
You were miles away
He was close to me
I let him stay
Then i closed my eyes
He almost felt the same
but when the morning broke
I cried out your name
If i'd only known
it would break us
I'd have done anything just to save us

*'Cause you're all i have
When the world comes down on me
You're the one i love
and i'm begging you to see
You're all, you're all, you're all i have
You are, you are the one i love
You are, you are, you're all i have

You've forgiven me
but it doesn't change
The guilt i feel when you mention his name
No more innocence
How to trust again
Wanna believe that you won't do the same
and every time we fight we're gettin' closer
I slowly die inside
I'm scared it's over


Your love for me was always there
Maybe too much for me to care
Now that i know i messed it up
I'd give my all to take it back


[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 02.02.2010 22:19

Feels like i have always known you
and i swear i dreamt about you
All those endless nights i was alone
It's like i've spent forever searching
Now i know that it was worth it
With you it feels like i am finally home
*Falling head over heels
Thought i knew how it feels
but with you it's like the first day of my life

**Cuz you leave me speechless when you talk to me
You leave me breathless the way you look at me
You manage to disarm me
My soul is shining through
Can't help but surrender
My everything to you

I thought i could resist you
I thought that i was strong
Somehow you are different from what i've known
I didn't see you coming
You took me by surprise and
you stole my heart before i could say no


You leave me speechless..
The way you smile, the way you touch my face
You leave me breathless..
It's something that you do i can't explain
I'd run a million miles just to hear you say my name..



[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 13.11.2009 09:25

You wanna go
and as you open up the door
You change your mind
I'm not something to leave behind
You'll never know all these things i feel inside
I want to show you
There's nothing out there to find
*Baby, i wanna make you see
There's nothing more to fear
'cause everythings right here

**I'm everything you want
I'm everything you need
and every little part of you is a part of me
I'm everything you know
I'm everywhere you go
and i hope that you see
That your everything to me

Whisper to me
i hang on every word you say
Don't tell me no as you turn and walk away
Don't shut me out
I'm much stronger then you know
but you're on your way
You'll be back with me someday


I understand your confusion
In denial, disillusioned
but i won't wait too long
and i might just move on
I'm buried by your indecision
Digging for the life i'm missing
Just look inside and see
i hope there's room for me


All i want is you.Torstai 12.11.2009 01:54

See the years just keep passing us by
and with it you still keep catching my eye
and you just keep improving, loving how you do it
You're the sweetest music to my ear
and you just can't do no wrong
It's been you all along
you were the one for this song
Baby, maybe i'm gone
Yes, i got it bad.. Usher being told me that
Hope you know i mean that
*I'd rather give you time instead of roses
See your face instead of cash
I'd rather give you love instead of clothing
Is that too much to ask?


Now, i might sound a little bit strange
I know, every dude ain't feeling this way
Baby, they ain't got you, most of them ain't met you
You know you the soundtrack to my life
If i'm Beyonce you're Jay-Z
I need you like the Pistons need Chauncey
Believe me when i say that this ain't make believe
Baby, you were made for me
Hope you know i mean that


I don't need the money or the cars
I don't need the celebrity status at the bar
I don't need the service up in V.I.P
Mom, this is grown up, check my ID


Ei aihetta.Torstai 12.11.2009 01:35

You left a letter as a clue
Set me in the air at the spot.. where i first kissed you
Holdin my head in my hands
You brushed a tear off my face
One on one.. you confessed that this all you can take
*I'm broken.. tired
There ain't nothing left to say
I'm crying..
Didn't mean to watch as you just walked away

**Just let him go
It's too far in motion
Just let him go
My heart can gain control
It's too late.. just a little bit
It's too far.. just a little bit
You're leaving me behind
Just let him go..
Just let him go..

I should take it all back
All the kisses i gave you
The tears that you left me with
Don't know how to react
On my own.. by myself
How could you say goodbye?


It's cold..
It's cold in here without you
It's cold..
I'm broken
Thought it could be you
When you think of it
Every little piece of it is keeping me from turning blue
Had to turn away
Didn't want to see you giving me away..


VanishedTorstai 12.11.2009 01:18

I'm reaching
I'm reaching for the love i lost tonight
and i don't know why
You're right here, you're right here
but you seem so out of sight
It's messing with my mind
You used to freak with me
You once believed in me
but now i'm incomplete
Thought we were meant to be

*Where did you go?
Where did you go?
Where did you go?
You vanished

I'm wondering
something that you said would never die
Has lost..
It's life..
It's fightning..
Thinking how i opened up to you
but now it's turning too
We were the best of friends
That's why ths pain won't end
and this is killing me
Thought we were meant to be


You're just like a magician with a wand
Now you're missing
Where did you go?
Where did you go?
Where did you go?
Wish i could bring us back
Just who could picture it
but it's too late for that


Gotta Be Love<3Tiistai 10.11.2009 00:49

Starin out my window pane
Waitin for the phone to ring
All i wanna is just to see you again
Baby, i miss you so
So much that i can't sleep
So much that i can't breath
My heart it skips a beat when i think of you and me

*It's gotta be love
Somethin' about you boy
It's gotta be love
You bring me so much joy
It's gotta be love
I can't wait no more
I wanna be with you
and do with you everything you wanna do
and when your next to me
It's gotta be love
It feels like a fantasy
It's gotta be love
I can't believe
It's like i died and gone to heaven

Feels like i wasn't living for i met you
Don't think that i can go day without you
I spend my days plannin to be around you
No body else theres is only you
No doubt this must be love
Your all i'm thinking of
It's taking over me
So what else could this be


Always keep your picture in my bag
Always looking back at photo graphs
It's crazy i usually act like that
I guess i might be in love
Sometimes i wanna call ya
when i know your not home
just to hear your voice and your sexy little tone
What ya do to me?
Boy, you don't even know it's gotta be


Ei aihetta.Lauantai 07.11.2009 20:45

1. Ollut yksin elokuvissa?- noup.

2. Käynyt vapaaehtoisesti kirkossa?- noup.

3. Katsonut tv:tä 24 tuntia putkeen?- noup.

4. Tehnyt itse lävistystä?- korviin ja huuleen.

5. Itkenyt jonkun pojan takia? - joo.

6. Saanut porttikieltoa? - kyl.

7. Kokeillut huumeita/tupakkaa/alkoholia?- kyl kyl.

8. Jäännyt äitillesi kiinni tupakasta?- noup, ei o otarvinnu salas ikin polttaa.

9. Ollut jälki-istunnossa?- joo monesti.

10. Valehdellut olevasi joku muu?- joo jossai chatis.

12. Istunut koneella 24 tuntia putkeen?- noup.

13. Vittuillut opettajalle?- ehkä vähän tai no piilovittuillut.

14. Halunnut olla joku muu?- en.

15. Syönyt madon/muurahaisen?- murkun.

16. Kävellyt yli 10 km?- kyl.

17. Meikannut jonkun toisen ihmisen?- kyl.

18. Katsonut elokuvan jota luulit hyväksi ja se olikin huono?- kyl.

19. Katsonut elokuvan jota luulit huonoksi ja se olikin hyvä?- kyl.

20. Esittänyt olevasi jonkun ystävä?- kyl.

Mikä oli viimeisin

1. Hedelmä minkä söit?- päärynän.

2. Kappale jonka kuuntelit?- Rihanna- Untfaithful pitkästä aikaa. lol.

3. Ihminen jonka näit?- Nannin<3.

4. Aine, jonka läksyt teit?- hmm?!

5. Vaate jonka otit pois päältäsi?- paidan.

6. Eläin jonka näit?- koiran.

7. Alkoholijuoma mitä joit?- Nannilta bisse pohjat, hyi.

8. Tupakan merkki minkä poltit?- Lm:n sinistä.

9. Tv-sarja mitä katsoit?- Senseless.

10. Aika jolloin heräsit?- vähän yli 1.

11. Sivu jolla olit?- galtsu & faces.

12. Nick jota kävit kyyläämässä?- jonkun kaverin.

13. Ihminen jonka takia itkit?- lalala, en oo itkenyt pitkään aikaan jos oon ni yhen pallopää masin takia.

14. Ihminen jolle huusit?- hmm, jollekkin pervolle miehelle.

15. Auton/mopon merkki mitä ajoit?- en oo ajanut.

16. Hajuveden/tuoksun merkki mitä laitoit?- morgania.

17. Kauppa jossa kävit?- k-market.

18. Lehti jota luit?- cosmopolitan.

19. Lahja minkä ostit?- isän pv lahjaksi mukin ja suklaata.

20. Shampoon merkki, mitä käytit?- lorealia taisin viimeks käyttää.

The Veronicas- This Is How It FeelsSunnuntai 01.11.2009 21:35

You keep calling my phone non-stop
Don't you know i won't pick it up
You never leave a message
Look how you've changed
You got nothing to say, gettin' in the way
Show up at my house
Your gettin' so obsessive
Like i have time for you

Wasn't it me you didn't want?
Wasn't it me who was hanging on?
Now i'm done but before i go i want you to know..

*This is how it feels
When you wait for a call that never comes
Are you waking up 'cause you miss someone?
This is how it feels
When the trust you had is broken
and your left to burn with your heart wide open

You wanted me, not to tell me why
Why and how you had the heart to f**k up my whole life
That's just so you
and now i've moved on by myself
and maybe i won't forgive
I'll just forget you lived
and i hope it hurts

Wasn't it me you tried to blame?
Wasn't it me you threw away?
But before you go there's something you should know..


You taught me how to hate you
and i was so in love
When i tried to save us it was not enough
So what the hell is different
'cause now that i am gone
You're crawling back to tell me
I'm the one


Do you only want me
'cause you can't have me?
Do you only want me
'cause i'm gone?


<3Sunnuntai 01.11.2009 05:09

Can i be for real.. this is how i feel
I'm in need of love
So, let's dip up out of here
Your just my type
Everything's so right and i just wanna chill
So, let's dip up out of here

He's fine too but i want U. &lt;sydän&gt;
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