[Ei aihetta]Torstai 28.02.2008 01:40

If only i could turn back on that the days when i was younger and still be with you
Then maybe i would cherish that moment when you was still mine and grew older with you
Finally, i understand that time won't wait for no one
I can't live in the past..

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 26.02.2008 19:44

Now i see, that on the road that i chose
I can't leave, when the weakness begins to show
Finally, i just gotta let it go..

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 26.02.2008 19:43

Maybe i allowed myself to be consumed
Turned my back on what once the only life i knew
Too busy loving me to notice everything had changed
and i've come to terms that nothing ever stays the same..

[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 26.02.2008 19:36

I'm just sitting here trying to forget about all those years
and i can't take the thought of her alone with you
It's been a year or so and you've moved on and left me cold
and i, i wish that i could let you know that i still got a thing for you

But you got another girl, she says she loves you too
Baby boy i understand this must be hard on you
and it gets so hard sometimes to know just what to do
stuck in the middle with you

**You and i
seen it all
sunny days
through the storm
still i know
she could never love you like me
Boy, i know me and you
going new, she messed it up with ya
No, she could never love you like Me
Can we go back again as
lovers not as friends
cuz' i know
She could never love you like me
Boy, i've been there before
time to close it up and go right on
but she could never love you like me

I was the one you can run into
when tears would fall for what she'd do
who knew that friends would
become lovers

Going crazy
giving my all, but getting half of you
i'm not half the girl so tell me what to do
never gonna let you go
Cuz' you know that our love is true
but you got another girl
but she is no good for you
Baby boy i understand, but this ain't all on you
and it gets so hard sometimes
to know just what to do
stuck in the middle with you


I know
that you will never find another love
like me and you can look but won't find
Girl like me and even though you might have seperated from me
gotta make a choice can't wait forever


[Ei aihetta]Tiistai 26.02.2008 03:30

If i could erase everyone of my mistakes
Tell me would it make you wanna come over
and work this out with me
and now i'll do whatever it takes
Just meet me halfway
all i want is for you to come over
and work this out, work this out with me.

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 25.02.2008 23:57

On the count of you i am guilty
I'm not even surprised if you wanna leave
Your telling me your heart feels empty
I can't commit to you right now but

*In time
one day your gonna be
be mine
and i don't wanna see you cry
don't cry
Baby, i've waited my
whole life
So, please understand boy

**I know it may seem
i'm not the girl you need
Promise me one thing
save a little love for me
I know it may seem
i'm not the girl you need
Promise me one thing
save a little love for me

Please, don't think i'm being selfish
Boy. you gotta see it for what it is
Lately conversations failing
and i don't know what else to do



I hope it's not to much for me to ask
but everyday i pray our love will last
I guess that only time can tell us that
So, i'll just wait and see if you'll save your love for me



[Ei aihetta]Sunnuntai 10.02.2008 01:31

I can't explain, don't understand but everyday i think about you
Your the one and it's for real
There ain't no words it's just how i feel deep down inside
and i can't hide the way you make me feel so high and i cannot deny

*You make me feel like a kid in a candystore
You make me feel like i've never been here before
You make me feel everyday is my birthday
Your making me feel this way
You make me feel like i just won the lottery
You make me feel like i'm changing my destiny
and i thought i'd never feel this way,
the way you make me feel

I'm gonna come get you, i can't get you out of my mind,
I'm gonna come get you boy, i've gotta make you all mine

I get butterflies everytime i stare deep into those eyes
Baby, i'm helpless or i'm just selfish cuz i want you all to myself
What i give to make you mine?
Theres nothing that i would not try
and that's the reason why


I'm gonna come get you, i can't get you out of my mind
I can't lie my heart is like an open book
Wont you take a look
cuz it ain't hard to see that you got me hooked
Now, baby the way you got me feeling is kinda crazy
What you got is what i need
I'm loving everything i see
We fit perfectly


[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 09.02.2008 21:49

I love the way it feels when you touch my hand
don't wanna let you go
I love the way you say that i am your girl
Don't understand why we can't go on and go on
don't understand why
You don't belong in my arms

*And even if i cried a thousand tears tonight
would you come back to me?
and even if i walked on the water
would you come out to sea?
Now i can't spend my life standing by
'cause even when i miss you
you're still not missing me

It's funny how my heart just won't let it go
i just don't understand
It's crazy how the pain seems to overflow
The memories of you here with me by my side
I can't deny that you are the love of my life


and i still cry for you
and i would die for you
I can't believe all the words i heard you say
and i still long for you
and i was strong for you
I can't believe that you'd throw it all away



[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 09.02.2008 19:56

Another day, another fight, another tear
and we don't seem to talk anymore
and i don't know if we get to see another year
'Cuz when i opened you closed every door.

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 09.02.2008 19:36

Can't you see what i'm trying to do?
I need to work it out between me and you
It ain't through i would do down to do anything.