cogito ergo sum
Desecrate My Life

This ain`t gods will,
this ain`t any judgement call,
this is just your final day.

Every night I think how I do it,
every day I do it, different way.
Slash your throat, bullet in head,
Oh, I need your lead.

She is like disease, HEY
everybody come to see,
how strong she`ll bleed.

So how you`re still alive,
still screaming, I killed you
last night or
was I dreaming.

Now it`s your final day, honey!
make a good last breath.
I love to hear you scream.

The sound of blood drops,
dropping to a floor.
cracking bones,
skin torn apart
These sounds I love to hear

My lover´s annihilation!!
My girl`s holocaust!!

This is what you get
when you desecrate my life!

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