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Mahdi of Beerjitsu

World ApartPerjantai 12.05.2006 11:17

Random lost souls have asked me "What's the future of rock'n'roll?"
I say "I don't know does it matter?", this and that scene,
They sound all the same to me, neither much worse nor much better.

We're so fucked these days.
We don't know who to hate or who to praise, yet we consider this our suffering and pain.
When we're so privileged, a fact we all forget about as we go whinging all over the place.

How we've laughed as they shoveled the ashes. Wrath hath soured.
Blood and death, we will pay back the debt, for this candy store of ours.

Look at those cunts on MTV, with their cars, and cribs, and rings and shit.
Is that what being a celebrity means? Look, boys and girls, here's BBC.
See corpses, rapes, and amputees. What do you think now of the American dream?

And our soccer moms and dads, who raised us brats on these TV ads.
I know that they sleep at night, their conscience is intact.
They've convinced themselves of that giving money to Jesus Fucking H Christ.

How they laughed as we shoveled the ashes of the twin towers.
Blood and death, we will pay back the debt for this candy store of ours.

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