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Born as balance guardian.

Headache and the triangle of solitude.Lauantai 13.05.2006 02:32

My mind hurts. A lot. I feel dizzy and nauseous. I curse the sun for causing this to me. I was never created to walk the earth at daytime. Nor to withstand the manifestations of human nature.

I saw a crane jump up and down on a field. Perhaps it was happy. I can not know. I don´t detect emotion through my own apathy. But if it was, perchance at least a little happy, the crane is wise. For such creatures have the advantage of not being what we.... no.... what YOU are. They are not human beings.

Animals live by intsinct. People live by an imaginative brain that constantly conjures up stunningly complex (but also helplessly transparent and fragile) webs of lies and deceit. I have come to the conclusion that this is the main reason for my solitude. As I do not lie in the same scale as referred to above, nor deceive, I do not show typical human qualities. Therefore, I am alone. This trend is strenghtened by the fact that humans are selfish and violent. As I show little or no signs of selfishness and do not strike females, I again do not show typical human (or male) qualities. Therefore, I am left alone. And as the final point in the triangle of solitude, I have morals that are somewhat strong. Humans are well known, one could say infamous, for their complete lack of morals. For people cast aside all rules as they consider only themselves and things they want to have for themselves.

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