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Scared of nightmares?Tiistai 06.12.2005 21:24

This is a dream I saw last night.

I was sitting with someone I didn´t know in my living room. The television was on. Somehow I got the idea that i should put myself into the reality tv-show on the television by squeezing myself through the screen. It even worked. But then the channel (or so I assume) changed. I found myself somewhere in a deep dark ocean inside a some sort of glass structure. I saw someone swimming there.... and being ripped to pieces by a shark. I turned away and slowly started swimming through a glass hall of sorts. Suddenly I got the idea of a huge shark in my head. Then, instantly, a gargantuan shark came through the glass hall from below and left a huge round hole of several meters in diameter both to the floor and to the ceiling. Then it came back. Crushing trough the ceiling and the floor from a different spot. Then the glass hall around me simply fell on itself and sank into the depths. I didin´t even have time to realize that I had all along been propably hundreds of meters from any air to breathe, when my vision went dark dark for a moment. Then i saw a line of teeth. Then I felt a short pain. And a crunch as my body seized to exist.

Then I regained conscieousness. I was in a reddish tube. My vision was a blur and i couldnt see a very sharp image of my surroundings. As if I would have been looking at a world through a microscope or perhaps with some infra-red vision. Anyhow, it didn´t take me long to realize that all that was left of me was... an insect of sorts, laying in the intestines of the humongous shark that had just eaten me. I saw some black ant-like creatures walking around and thrusting their teeth into the red tube we were all in. Then a red long insect walk there from the dark. Something in me told me to pick it up and squeeze it. I killed it. And then the voice in my head told me that "obviously now there will be many more of them here". They seemed somehow hostile so i hurried forward. The tube divided into two tubes, and I took the left one. It was a short dead-end and i couldn´t push myself through the walls. I turned back. Floating above the red insects and took the other way. I landed in some water-like liquid, and i had to dodge hostile insects trying to attack me and shooting me with some round projectiles. After a while i got up from the slimy liquid into a room with wooden walls, and a blue sky for backround. I mean that if you were looking at a computer screen, the left and right walls would be wooden and the backround (read desktop) would be a blue sky. Anyways, the walls opened and into the room rushed rows of cars, aeroplanes and trains above each other. i jumped above the rows in order to bring them down. I succeeded a couple of times, but then I got struck through the back window of a train. Then I woke up.

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