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When...-...Darkness?Keskiviikko 31.03.2010 01:05

When people feel down
All of them seek light
Things to remove the frown
Turn to find energy and might

To see reason again in pain
Fire gone from their hearts
Will they again feel rain?
Is this a story of no parts?

The light they are seeking
Final destination it seems
Feeling it somewhere peeking
You think it all simply redeems

All brightness is made by fire
Clinching to its current host
To create pain so dire
Desire gone, only a dead post

Find this flame in you, making
Yourselves so very hopeful
Kneeling down then knowing
Me to be wisely doubtful

Myself I have once burned
And learned dearly from it
The fire so bright turned
Rest is all history of grit

In the hopeful flames
This truth of cruelty
Test of all your minds
Of all up to a deity

All along the heat kills
Time slowing into nothing
My veins it all fills
Life leaving with frothing

Guarding this dreadful display
The keepers of dark fire
Best not to think in dismay
Darkness will never retire

Is this what we all sought?
Now killing us in endless pain
Defeating us as we fought
Crime turned only by rain

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