To/Die/For. <3Maanantai 05.12.2005 00:12

Frail whitout you. <3 Where can I find my love, I`m frail without you. <3
Autumn Forever. <3 Let me breathe and let me fly, away. <3
Dripping down red. <3 You know she will get what she wants. <3
Hollow heart. <3 I die a litte every day, I die a little anyway. <3
One more time. <3 Please let me die just one more time to be whit you. <3
Vale of tears. <3 So warm is my heart for you my love. <3
Jaded.<3 I want you to forgive me. <3
Loveless. <3 walking hand in hand with you.<3
Little deaths. <3 Hurt me once hurt me twice. <3
Victim of love. <3 You are the victim of my love i'm haunting you i'm deep in you. <3
Fall strains. <3 There was no one to hold my hand when couldn't sleep at night.<3

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