ready steady goKeskiviikko 10.05.2006 13:06

have i ever before got ready in 2( f**k, it was really 2!!!) min? never ever again -only time to took on clothes and a minute in the bathroom - f**k, no even a cup of teaaaa:S:D:D:D

woke up with the idea i have to do smth serious today and it was true - f**k, its 9 am and i have school today:S:D:D:D:D

wake up, Julia - and so today im myself with no make up and no breakfast :D:D:D

didnt think i can get ready so fast, and what for ? first thought i have a very important lesson, but its a project work today again which i dont need to do - so just sitting here wasting the time:D

need some food


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