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a piece of your actionPerjantai 19.05.2006 06:05

first day ( night?) im drinking coffee
working better in extreme conditions
thousands times promised myself to do everything in good time not to be in a hurry
but it doesnt work :S:D:D:D
well, anyway, without those 'shakes' i would not feel so 'alive':D:D

@In case of nuclear explosion , dont duck and cover - anyway u re seeing this show the first and the last time in your life@

'Works originating in one of the member states are to be given the same protection in each of the member states as these grant to works of their own nationals'

law exam///

9:08 - back from the exam - 3 hours of sleeping for 30 minutes work and now free till next night-before:D:D:D



not again...Tiistai 16.05.2006 13:24

today i realized how much stuff should i do in this ending week!... as always, in the last day:D:D:D

exams exams exams,
session in Murmansk - argh, so many things to do

i hate the last days of may, usually its really booooring:( and too many things to do:(

but its over soon:)


ps 5 min till midnight - still the feeling of awaiting:S
want something to happen, but what?something:)
let it be a wish
and my wishes should come true
anyway nothing could
пластмассовый мир победил, макет оказался сильней?..

my dream masterSunnuntai 14.05.2006 09:24

is far away .....


near the window waiting for the rain
can hear the niose of the trees, the last sunlights are sparkling
and soon it willl begin, i know, i feel it
love this weather

waking up every morning earlier and earlier....
maybe cos of SMSes? 7 am - terribly, someone is still partying///
but not me today . no no no
well, maybe
we'll see
yes i'll think about it
of course i want

haha, about 1 am maybe umparri?
think so
but now need some rest again
and - school - homework homework homework

'I’d appreciate your input'


puuuuuuuure mooorningTorstai 11.05.2006 17:48

lolypop girl - addicted
life is peachy

'In the midnight hour babe more more more
With a rebel yell more more more'



are ALL pretty guys stupid - just like trees - no brains at all?
really nothing to talk about:S:D:D

ready steady goKeskiviikko 10.05.2006 13:06

have i ever before got ready in 2( f**k, it was really 2!!!) min? never ever again -only time to took on clothes and a minute in the bathroom - f**k, no even a cup of teaaaa:S:D:D:D

woke up with the idea i have to do smth serious today and it was true - f**k, its 9 am and i have school today:S:D:D:D:D

wake up, Julia - and so today im myself with no make up and no breakfast :D:D:D

didnt think i can get ready so fast, and what for ? first thought i have a very important lesson, but its a project work today again which i dont need to do - so just sitting here wasting the time:D

need some food

no school today again
and tomorrow too
just stucking into the computer wasting the time till others come home

usual sh*t, when i have a lot of time just to waste i feel too active:S
noooooooooooooothing to do in the morning, and i cant sleep more than 6 hours:S......

music helps
shower helps
computer helps

but soo booooooooooooring anyway
need my friends to waste time together - and everyone is studying half of the day
hate waiting
dont know what i want
but i know how to get it
do i know it today?
i guess so
time time time
f**k it all:P:D:D:D

waiting for news is also sh*t, i will get one very important today, but surprisingly it doesnt bother me anyhow today - so maybe that thing was not so important?
have fun

life :
day after day - foreign country , 'other' ppl - sometimes friendly, sometimes strange - well - its always like this - the trouble of language and gestures - cant understand it all, but need to - cos i am a human - biosocial being - need others to share smth.....why are ppl so social ? why i need to share my thoughts , joy, sorow and all the things that life gives away?.....

i used to be free and now caught into the heart-shaped box - happens - buti am just sure that i will get it, play with it it and throw away - almost as always- and thats really stupid and depressing - do u know how to help?

....dont want to make the god and then let it fall.................

а cвою любовь я собственноручно освободил от дальнейших неизбежных огорчений....

let me live MY life............

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