danger, danger! high voltage.....Keskiviikko 30.08.2006 16:07


does anyone hide keys inside the shoes?
i did

three days in a raw sleeping for 3-5 hours
going to get sick
but its worth it

two days of doing nothing, just moving my stuff to the new flat

but evenings are nice...

hard to forget those polar lights in august and the night bridge.....

4 hours of sleeping and pure morning.....

just like this:)


just do it:))))Keskiviikko 28.06.2006 01:40

im sleeping during the day and my body alreready got used to it - but its better here - weird weather - nice sunshine n the evening and rain in the morning....for a foreigner its hard to see the beauty of the very-North - too cold and too gloomy, and my city feels a bit like London - windy and cloudy at this time of the year.....the whole world is getting sun-tanned and im here getting wet under the rainstorm...............but only here i can pass the streets on the way home in a mood like that - nice music, nice wind and wet hair - sounds too cold - but the sun is hidng somewhere..even if i cant see it i know its nearby:)

almost everyone here is away or drunk:D not me:(

two days ago got outside for a walk, missed football but whatever, and after 30 min of sunshine got totally wet under the rain......the forgotten feelng of drinking some werd white wne ( uh, i hate it:S) right on the street in a company of close friends, and eating - what do u think:) salted cucumbers:D:D:D too weird, but we just felt like we want it:) the counter in the supermarket was just astonished:)):))))

but now need to do some work:S still busy :( hate busy summers:)

''Yeah, I'm thinkin' about my doorbell
When ya gonna ring it, when ya gonna ring it''

like forever young:D

so have to use my mp3 player....if its called so,,,,im a damn idiot n all this technical stuff:S

my dream is a room full of chocolate
and hot chocolate
and maybe some chocolae ice-cream
and chocolate milk......chocolate with chocolate:D

for KILI - no more ketchup:P:P:P

but now need to do my assignments....brrr.........

' In the red, in the rain...'


cogito ergo sum :PPerjantai 02.06.2006 15:18

next week one more exam and thats all:) but then practise starts:) 3 weeks with 30 teenagers - entertaining them :S:D hah a a lot of fun i think:D anyway - steel a teenager myself:P
getting used to coffeine:D terrible, i always hated cofee:P

'yeah u're pretty good looking for a girl:D'


a piece of your actionPerjantai 19.05.2006 06:05

first day ( night?) im drinking coffee
working better in extreme conditions
thousands times promised myself to do everything in good time not to be in a hurry
but it doesnt work :S:D:D:D
well, anyway, without those 'shakes' i would not feel so 'alive':D:D

@In case of nuclear explosion , dont duck and cover - anyway u re seeing this show the first and the last time in your life@

'Works originating in one of the member states are to be given the same protection in each of the member states as these grant to works of their own nationals'

law exam///

9:08 - back from the exam - 3 hours of sleeping for 30 minutes work and now free till next night-before:D:D:D



not again...Tiistai 16.05.2006 13:24

today i realized how much stuff should i do in this ending week!... as always, in the last day:D:D:D

exams exams exams,
session in Murmansk - argh, so many things to do

i hate the last days of may, usually its really booooring:( and too many things to do:(

but its over soon:)


ps 5 min till midnight - still the feeling of awaiting:S
want something to happen, but what?something:)
let it be a wish
and my wishes should come true
anyway nothing could
пластмассовый мир победил, макет оказался сильней?..

my dream masterSunnuntai 14.05.2006 09:24

is far away .....


near the window waiting for the rain
can hear the niose of the trees, the last sunlights are sparkling
and soon it willl begin, i know, i feel it
love this weather