Dark WatersTiistai 30.06.2009 01:18

Country of the thousands lakes.
cold and dark.
With five millions dreams.
Whisper in the mist.

Thousands of suicides,
millions of cries.
Despair, stifling.
In the arms of Lady Finland.

Hundreds of drowned.
Calm under calm.

Dark waters, deadly embrace.
East oceans, salty graves.
Our brothers, final peace.
Respects, from the north.

Welcome to dive,
in our dark waters.
Again and again.
Don't forget,
Our brothers.
They don't do it again.
Swim in our oceans,
And walk on the ice.
Just respect your life.
You can do it again.

Year after year.
Same old suffer.
Too many dark minds.
Under blue sky.

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