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Voi vitsi mä safkasin ihan sikana koko ajan ku kävin usein himas, kävin ulkona(pelaa jnä.) suht usein monen tunnein välein mut en menny minnekkään erikoiseen mestaan.
Joka puolelle minne menin otin safkaa messiin vaan x)
Mut tää meni rauhallisesti tää juhannus... onneks :D

// xXx //

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tsekatkaa tarkasti niin näettä mut ja hi-eu pelaamas :DD
//Tää video esiteltiin soumi-serbia &belgia matsin puoliajalla

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//moikka nyt tein CR:sta blogin johon tulee kaikki uutiset ettei niit tarvii lukee tääl gallerias päivitän sitä kuvilla ja videoilla ja vaikka millä :D

tsiigatkaa ja seuratkaa :D

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro

sinäTorstai 15.02.2007 13:28

Sinä, joka luet tätä, kuvaile minua yhdellä sanalla.
Siis vain yhdellä ( ! )

Olit sitten kuka tahansa, laita kommenttia, jos eksyt päiväkirjaani lukemaan.
Hugo Viana, of former Newcastle fame, says his Portugal team-mate (Oh God, Hugo Viana can get in their squad and they've knocked us out of the last two tournaments) Cristiano Ronaldo has admitted he wants to leave Old Trafford for Barcelona or Real Madrid.

"He won't be at United for much longer. It's complicated for them to keep him now," said the frankly rubbish player.

"Ronaldo has worked hard and, within a little time, he will be with another team more important than United."

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Carlos Queiroz puhuu cr siirto huhuistaKeskiviikko 14.02.2007 21:44

Manchester United assistant coach Carlos Queiroz reckons that Cristiano Ronaldo would be making a big mistake if he were to leave Old Trafford.

Ronaldo has been linked with a move to Spain in recent weeks after making several comments hinting at a transfer.

However Queiroz believes that one of the best players in Europe should stay with the Red Devils and become an icon at the club that he believes is ideal for Ronaldo.

"Very soon he could become the symbol of Manchester United," Queiroz said. "The ideal club for him is Manchester United.

"There is no reason for him to leave the club because he knows that United is the best club in the world.

"At this time, no club in the world has someone playing so consistently or at the level at which Cristiano Ronaldo is in every game.

"It is not just lip-service to call him one of the best in the world and the individual awards will start to arrive shortly."

Queiroz says that these claims are more than an attempt to keep hold of the winger, as the assistant boss himself knows all too well the politics involved in Spanish football.

Having spent a ten-month spell at the helm of Real Madrid during the 2003/4 season, Queiroz has warned Ronaldo that life at Real is not as cushy as the prestige that surrounds the club makes it sound.

"I have been at Real Madrid and I know the reality of the club," he continued. "Cristiano is part of the United family and if he stays he will become a symbol of the whole club.

"This is the best Manchester United in recent years and we are where we want to be, a step from becoming champions."

Portuguese compatriot Luis Figo has also commented on Ronaldo's future insisting that the youngster has the ability to win "every title", but only if he picks the right club.

"Cristiano Ronaldo is the Portuguese player with the best future in the European market," Figo stated.

"He could go very far, but he will have to pay attention to the club he chooses to play for.

"In individual terms I think Cristiano could win every title going because he has the quality to do so. But equally I think it depends on the club where he is at to live up to his standards."

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lisää fudist, cr siirto huhuistaTiistai 13.02.2007 16:27

Portuguese winger Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed he has told his agent Jorge Mendes that he is keen to stay at Manchester United. But at the same time, he thinks he is attracted to football in Spain.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is being persistently linked with Barcelona and Real Madrid, said: "I've got a contract with United (until 2010). If they speak to anyone it's my agent, not me. I told my agent I'm happy here and want to continue."

But Ronaldo also admitted that the kind of football played in Spain, is attracting him: "It's a kind of football in Spain that attracts me, but at the moment, I don't want to leave here (Old Trafford). I've been here for a while and every year I try to get better and better. I've had to adapt to the culture, the football, the life and I think I've adapted well. It's more or less what I expected to happen. I'm enjoying my career here. We've got a good lead in the Premiership and the chances of winning the league this year are great. Chelsea are a great team, but we're on the right path. We're playing good football, we've been the consistent team and if things continue that way we can win the championship. My dream of winning the league is very much alive," he declared.