"You'll never find me"

I've lost everythingPerjantai 26.12.2008 22:16

And there is nothing to search for anymore.
I'm tired and just want to rest, as this beating never ends.
I try to be optimistic but there just isn't any light in the end of this tunnel.
I'm just tired.
Please let me rest.
I don't want to play any more.
I just want to be in peace.
Leave me alone, you've taken everything from me and just want more and more.
If I hate you, then I hate myself.
I am one, but torn in to two.
I want to leave, I want to stay, I want be.
I am on the edge, I fear to go over.
I want to be... FREE!
You want to fail, you want to give up, you want to fold, you want to break!
You fear!
You are me, we are one, we are... I.
We are alone among people, we are an unheard voice, we are silence, we are voice in side me.
I can't break free, I am in prison of myself.
Please release me, please set me free, please leave be.
Show me a way, as I am lost, help me find...
You, me, I, us and we, we are forgotten, we are never searched, we are never found... We are gone.
So what have I learned?
Well, if you are once happy and in peace, do not loose, as you may never there again.
Hold the person next to you close, charise every moment, don't take for granted, don't be Me.
Be happy with what you've got, don't be Me.
Save yourself and the one, as for me it is too late.
Learn from me, learn from this, but don't learn to be me.
I want rest, I want a meaning, I want a way.
Please let me rest, please set me free.
As I am Me, and we are gone!

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