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Lindalta pöllin x) <3Torstai 10.01.2008 15:33

[ ] Do you feel sad most of the time?
[/] Is the world a cruel and dark place?
[/] Do you write deep and a bit dark poems?
[/] Do you feel lonely often?
[x] Do you like sleeping?
[/] When you walk, do you always look down?
[x] Do you cut your hair by yourself?
[ ] Do you act older than your age?
[x] In your best, are you a very good person to talk with?
[x] Do you have plenty of ideas that you want to make true?
[x] Are you a thinker?

[x] Do you like nature?
[ ] Do you own a corset?
[ ] Do you listen to at least 10 bands/artists that play gothic music? (No heavy, speed, metal, rock, etc)
[/] Are you very pale?
[x] Do you like decorating?
[/] When you watch a movie, do you choose it because of the plot, not because there are hot actors in it?
[/] Do you use a lot of make-up?
[x] Do you make clothes for yourself?
[x] Do you believe that there are souls, spirits or ghosts in the world?
[x] Are you artistic?
[/] Do you love silence and loneliness more than a big group of people and lots of talking?

[ ] Do you have a long hair that you don't want to cut shorter?
[/] Do you like it when the singer yells/screams/growls mostly when singing?
[/] Do you think that God doesn't exist?
[ ] Can you play air guitar in a believable way?
[x] Do you have pentagrams in your clothes or in other stuff that you wear?
[ ] Do you like leather-clothing?
[/] Do you mosh?
[x] Do you have/want a black hair?
[ ] Do you listen to at least 10 heavy/metal bands?
[/] Can you be seen using this hand signal: /,,/?
[ ] Do you like beer?

[/] Are other people always right?
[/] Do you follow fashion?
[ ] Do you change your best friend often?
[/] Are you a totally different person in different situations?
[ ] Do you blame other people being wannabes/fakes?
[/] Have you troubles at knowing who you are?
[ ] Do you think that you know everything about the other when looking his/her clothing?
[ ] Do you get confused in a big group of different kind of people?
[/] Do you always want to please others?
[x] Are you in-secured about yourself?
[ ] Do you need someone's opinion before you can buy something (like jeans for example)?

J-rock person
[/] Do you like manga and anime?
[ ] Do you know the record companies to whom the bands work?
[x] Do you like Japanese food?
[x] Do you like black clothes, but on the other hand you aren't afraid to use soft/shocking colors as well?
[/] Do you listen other music from Japan as well than (just) Dir en grey, Miyavi and Gackt?
[x] Do you like small things that you can collect to your room/clothes?
[ ] Have you ever seen a J-rock band/artist live (even though you don't live in Japan)?
[ ] Do you have a shocking hair color?
[ ] Do you have piercings in other places than just in your ears?
[x] Do you think that everyone has the right to be who they are?
[x] Do you like second hand stores?

[x] Do you think that war is worthless?
[x] Do you like to sing with friends, one playing guitar as a back round music?
[x] Do you hate when animals suffer?
[ ] Have you ever taken part to a protest?
[ ] Do you have a long hair that you don't want to cut shorter?
[ ] Do you want to make sure that where your clothes are coming from and what material they are?
[/] Do you like to be barefoot or wear sandals?
[ ] Do you work in some organization that wants to make the world a better place?
[ ] Do you have a garden where you get your own vegetables/fruits from?
[x] Do you like soft, sweet melodies?
[/] Are you a bit radical, but mostly a nice person?

[ ] Do you strongly dislike some people because of the color of their skin?
[ ] Can you make rhythms out of the blue?
[ ] Can you do freestyle dancing?
[/] Do you like to wear oversized clothes and very large jewels?
[/] Was Tupac the greatest rapper ever?
[/] Do you swear a lot?
[x] Do you use your hands a lot when you speak?
[x] Do you want to be so rich that you can almost wipe your ass with cash?
[/] Do you want that when people speak to you, they use your nickname?
[/] Have you had troubles with the police?
[ ] When you mean to say 'the', do you say 'da' instead? *I live in Minnesota..da, sure, ya betcha..*

[/] Do/did you get good grades at school?
[ ] Does your mom buy your clothes?
[x] Have you been bullied?
[/] Are you very shy when you are in the company of the opposite sex?
[x] Do you play internet games on your free time?
[x] Can/could you be seen talking to the teachers just for fun?
[/] Do/did teachers use you as a good example?
[/] Is your best friend a family member?
[ ] Do you do scientist experiments at home?
[/] Have you been single all your life?
[ ] Is math one of your hobbies?

[x] Do you drink alcohol in public places with a group of friends?
[x] Do you listen to list-music from the radio?
[ ] Is Paris Hilton your idol?
[ ] Can you be seen wearing strings and jeans (and yes, we can see the strings as well)?
[x] Is one of these professions your dream: make-up artist, an actress, a model, a cosmetician?
[x] Do you watch The O.C?
[/] Do you kiss your friends on the mouth?
[x] Do you like celebrity rumors?
[ ] Do you make a scene out of even the smallest things?
[ ] Do you like to scream and giggle loudly?
[ ] Have you had more than 5 boyfriends over the last six months?

[ ] Can you say that you are a rebellion?
[x] Have you ever read a book called Nancy?
[/] Do older people shock when they see what you are wearing?
[ ] Do you have piercings in other places than just in your ears?
[x] Do you like safety pins?
[x] Do you love to wear band shirts?
[x] Do you listen any of these bands: Dead boys, New York Dolls, The Clash, Misfits, The Sex Pistols?
[/] Do you know who Ged Dunn, John Holmstrom and Legs McNeil are?
[ ] Do you like shorter songs more than long songs?
[ ] Do you think that violence and cutting are ok?
[/] Do you hate the society?

[x] Do you like dancing?
[/] Do you like female singers who sing about love and partying?
[/] Do you like boy bands that play love songs?
[ ] Do you wear soft colors all the time?
[/] Are you a romantic person?
[ ] Do you feel comfortable in clothes that show skin quite a lot?
[ ] Do you think that lyrics don't matter in a song?
[ ] Do you fall in love easily?
[/] Do you wear a lot of make-up?
[/] Do you like celebrity rumors?
[/] Are you mostly seen wearing jeans?
[x] Do you listen to at least 10 pop bands?
[x] Are you a daydreamer?

muahahahah, I'm a emo-person 8DDD

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