is livin' his life old fashion way:Slow

Tylsää töissä...Perjantai 14.12.2007 14:09

Joten päätin tehdä pienen runonpoikasen...Siit tuli omasta mielestäni aikas siisti
Kuva melko pieni...Tässä vielä se runo...

Creatures Of The Night

Creatures crawl between hell and earth
Staining everything they touch

They claw you with they’re big nails
And leaves they’re marks all over you

They stick they’re long teeth’s into your neck
And suck your warm blood

They creep under your bed
Whispering the horrible things into your mind
Just to get you out of the bed
And devour you alive

They hide in the shadows
And watch your every move
And when you think your safe
They jump to your neck

They lie under the deep blue sea
And follow you when you swim
And when they catch you
You gasp for air for the last time

Yes, everywhere we go
The creatures are there
And whatever we do
And how much we lie about them
They are not going away

So be careful when you are in the dark
Co’s you never know whose in the shadow

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