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Def Leppard - NowTiistai 29.07.2008 03:30

I wanna know you better
Let's spend some time together
I wanna be what's on your mind
Look in my eyes, they're calling
I need your love to fall in
If you could just give me a sign

I can't get over baby
I can't get over now
I can't get over this feeling I feel

Now, right now
If the fire inside you
Feels like I feel now
Right now
Deep inside of me
Deep inside of me

I'm tired of make believin'
I'm lost and barely breathing
I'm on the ceiling, help me down
So stop my heart from aching
I'll be the risk you're taking
And I won't rest until you're mine

Damn, I'm totally in love with this song! <3

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