Scorpio HoroscopeTiistai 27.11.2007 16:03

You aren't typically one to gloss over the unspoken intensity or sidestep difficult issues, yet today it is a tempting possibility. It's just that you can see the potential and don't want to do anything to mess it up. Keep in mind that suppressed feelings can be expressed gently in a way that's productive instead of destructive.

You may be tempted to throw some of your favorite things into a suitcase and take a road trip. This may be a symbolic act to help you leave negative feelings behind. It's time to explore new territories, even if a minor obstacle slows you down. Don't get discouraged; expanding your vision is the number one priority for you at this time.

Daily Number: 9

You could feel an urge to clean up your immediate environment and get rid of things that no longer have a purpose. It's a great day for problem solving and behind the scenes progress. Also a time for thanks; someone in your world is quietly in your corner.

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