get lost I really don't like youMaanantai 17.12.2007 01:18

you’re still stalking me, you’re still bitching around and talking and laughing and pointing your finger, telling bullshit about me to all your friends, but baby you’ve got to accept the fact that people change and I’ve really changed since the days we were friends. I know you can’t accept it simply because you’re you and you can’t accept anything that happens without your royal permission, but that’s just the way it is and I’m long over you already. you hurt me like hell, I really thought we were friends, but I'm well over that and it’s not my fault you’re still hanging after me, wanting my attention. you’ve got to realize I let go a long time ago, and you don’t mean nothing to me anymore. just accept it, it's time you get down from whatever clouds your head is in and realize the world doesn't spin just 'cause you want it to. mate you've got to realize I don't care a bit about you anymore, and I'm so far above you already nothing you say mean anything.
so get lost, bitch.

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