Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom far far away (well slightly South of Bolton) there lived a beautiful young girl…y boy…called Fletcherella. He was a lovely young lad with blonde hair that shined like the sun and eyes as deep and brown as a deep brown well…except they were slightly less muddy than a deep brown well and definitely not so cold and icky…in fact I guess they were nothing like a deep brown well at all, aside from the fact they were deep and brown…but anyway I digress.

He lived in a big, spiffy castle with his stepmother Miss Charlie and two step-sisters Jamesetta and Mattalina (James and Matt for short). Sadly his father (some guy out of Westlife) passed away in a terrible freak unicycle accident when Fletcherella was a mere child, leaving the poor boy at the mercy of his evil step-family. All three women in his life were hideously ugly compared to the other beautiful women in the kingdom (in particular Miss Charlie whose thick eyebrows had become somewhat of a trademark for her) and so they were all incredibly jealous of Fletcherella’s natural beauty and kindness. For this reason they treated Fletcherella like a slave, forcing him to single-handedly do all the chores in the castle and wear nothing but old rags. On top of this, the three would force Fletcherella to write songs for their band and take all the credit for them. They wouldn’t even let him attend the music award ceremonies with them and they even forbid him from watching MTV…only -their- music videos so they could gloat about how famous they were now because of him.


hihihiihihih Tom is a disney princess! YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE!!

HOLY OMFG today I saw a guy who looked just like Danny Jones : ooooooo I freaked out. In a good way. He was cute. I hyperventilated for 10 minutes. hihihiihihihihihihihihiihihihihii : DDDDD

hihi. and then I laughed at Anna. BHAHA. :'D

(oh, yeah. BLOWJOBS!!)

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