yyeye Phrida on helppo feidata -.-

ollaan Annabanaanin kans tekemäs homeworkii *gasp* : DD

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 28.01.2008 22:54

Me to Jenny:
I'm confused about your comment about being confused by me and confusing yourself, 'cause now you're just confusing me again, since I'm confused about what I confused you about in the first place. : DD (HA HA! Must be world record in the usage of the word 'confusing' in one single phrase! I'm the MAN! : DD)

dance insideMaanantai 28.01.2008 05:45

I really should be asleep by now, shouldn't I?

yeah. Well, whatever. Just had to write it down. YOU PEOPLE ARE BLOODY AMAZING! Thanks for the comments, I fecking love you all for them. <33

[Ei aihetta]Maanantai 28.01.2008 00:56

*freaks out*
(article from

McFly is the reason for gayness and metrosexuality?

Dear Friends in Christ,

I know few of you are familiar with the term "Metrosexual" as it is the product of dirty city streets, filthy living and unclean sex practices. However, it is part of a phenomenon of which you need to be aware in order to protect the wholesomeness of your male children.


One of the driving engines behind this disturbing trend is the mass importation of music, and more importantly, images of British "Boy" Bands. (My apologies in advance to our UK friends in Christ who I am sure do not approve of these goings-on.) One such brazenly sexual recent arrival on our blessed shores is the 'band" McFly, pictured herein.

These bands are promoted by lurid magazines doubtlessly in the back pocket of the JCM (Jewish Controlled Media) and their sole purpose is nothing more than to feminize America, make it weak and eventually conquer us, thus forcing us into slavery to the Anti-Christ. These magazines are primarily targeted at teenage girls, who ogle the subjects portrayed, such as these McFly characters. (How clever that part of their name is a slang term for the zipper of a man's trousers.) The teenage boys around these empty-headed females are just in the stages of trying to make themselves attractive to a girl, in order to eventually procure a mate and raise a family, as God intended. Seeing that they cannot compete with these guitar-weilding fruitflies, they begin to emulate them, dress and act and try to appear like them, in order to get a young female's attention. (It is as though we have been thrown back into the worst excesses of the English Restoration! What will be next? Powdered wigs?) For our unfortunate young man, this begins a slow slide into a depravity which includes devout attention to every move made by Karl Lagerfeld, vegan eating habits, and attempts to mold themselves into copies of that Tim Gunn fellow who is constantly flouncing around on Bravo TV. Gradually, if left unchecked, he finds himself in a circle of Faggotry, unable to escape.

What can be done, you ask? Several things:
1. Demand the State Department deport these McFly Mincers at once. (And all their ilk.)
2. Demand your local stores stop carrying this trash. Start with Wal-Mart. They love to pull sinners off their shelves.
3. Search every corner of your house to see of your daughters are harboring such lewd publications as this "Attitude" rag.
4. If you find your sons with such trash, take them to your preacher immediately to see if reparative therapy is in order.

Vigilance is our primary weapon, my friends. We must ever watch over our homes for signs of sissification. Or else, your son may very well come home one day in a kilt, accompanied by his new friend Brad.




EMO BANDS WILL MAKE YOUR SONS GAY:, and said that Britney Spears is posessed by the devil.


and they are actually serious. :''''DDDD

[Ei aihetta]Lauantai 26.01.2008 01:46


Being a girl REALLY sucks sometimes.

[Ei aihetta]Perjantai 25.01.2008 22:51

Ei suoristusrautaa mun hiuksiin!!!

[Ei aihetta]Torstai 24.01.2008 20:16

Ellen: När du e tyst o skriver o lyssnar på musik e du okej, annars e du ganska jobbig.

THANKS Ellen oot ihQ<3333<33<3<33

[Ei aihetta]Keskiviikko 23.01.2008 23:34

Damn. I can feel my face again.


keeping you up all nightKeskiviikko 23.01.2008 20:12


YAY I can feel my face again!