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Hannan ja Donnan tarinoita osa 12742000Keskiviikko 19.12.2007 21:38

Once upon a time there was Donna who liked food. She was always eating rocks, because rocks were colourful. She found those colourful rocks from hell. Hell was a very smelly place. There was also another person Hanna and she was very beautiful and kawaii. She liked to wear panties. Donna said to Hanna: "You big bed-wetting doodyhead!" and Hanna kicked her balls. "Ow!" said Donna and Hanna said:"You tinkly winkly head!" Donna started to cry and stole Hannas panties. Hanna started to jump and her beautiful green eyes were filled with tears because she jumped on a tentacle. The tentacle said:"ouch" and Donna laughed her ass off. "You motherfucking tentacle-head", she said to the tentacle and took out her computer. She started to watch schoolgirl anime with lots of tentacles. The tentacle wanted to watch too. "Hey that's my mom!" he yelled when a tentacle crawled into a girls ear. "That's just disgusting! Your mother is an angel and you look like that gross! How can that be!?" asked Donna. She threw up and the tentacle started to whistle. "Nice puke" the tentacle said "By the way my name is George. It comes from my fathers side. His name is Vomit" "You have a snobby family" Donna said. Hanna found her own wig from the ground. "My emo-wig!" she said and George got angry!It's not yours its mine you poopsie woopsie head!" George took out his deathnote. Into his notebook he wrote: Cola-Olli is to be driven over by a rocket in five seconds. "Why! No! Cola-Olli!" Donna screamed. "You bastard!" She attacked George and sterted making lunch because she was very hungry. "I'm sorry I just can't have a duel with an empty stomach", she said and sliced a bit of George to her her George-sandwich. George said: "That hurts, but I enjoy it. MORE! MORE! MOOORE!!I WANT MORE!!" Donna looked at him like he was a rabbit. "Dear George you are not a rabbit," she said. "No shit dinosaur!""W-What!? D-did you just call me a...DINOSAUR!?!!?" Donna growled. " As a matter of fact I did LOL!" George lolled. "Fucking airplane, go fuck yourself in my car and remember to clean it afterwards!"

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