You may not be flawless, but you are perfect.

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Wake up.Perjantai 30.04.2010 16:32

Passive Aggressive AnthemPerjantai 30.04.2010 16:31

Love the world
Spare the poor
Love the world
Kill God
Live free.

Just a thought.Tiistai 27.04.2010 00:10

I am but a canvas that I paint on. My canvas is as big as my life. The painting is me, what happens to me affects the way and what I paint. As time goes by, my style changes and improves. Sometimes it synchronizes with other people's styles, becoming the same painting for a while. That is called love. Sometimes it fades away as the styles change, sometimes lovers affect each other's paintings for the rest of their lives, and they stay in sync for as long as they live. That is called true love.

Passive-aggressive bullshit...Sunnuntai 25.04.2010 18:47

Wake up and face me
Don't play dead 'cause maybe
Someday I will walk away and say
You disappoint me
Maybe you're better off this way

Syvyysnäkökulma.Tiistai 30.03.2010 07:14

Katsotaan kaaosta kunnolla
Tuijottaako se takaisin
Musta laulu kakoo konsonantit
Vokaaleitten valtaamaan ilmaan


Muistutatko jotain samanlaista
Vai muistuttaako se vain sinua


Riittää, paljon onnea
Syytän tästä sinua

Sivellin kasvoja vasten
Hivellen elävän, salakavalan koitoksen
Ihosoluttautumisen riemua
Joka on melkein täysin unta
Sivellin kasvoja vasten
Purevan takaraivokohtauksen kolhuista
Elävän elämän, salakavalan
Jota kukaan ei koskaan muista

Katsotaan kaaosta kunnolla
Tuijottaako se takaisin
Sinun lauseesi kaikuvat täällä
Unitähdellä ylimmällä


Sinun lauseesi koostuvat aina
Pelkistä vokaaleista.

14.Tiistai 30.03.2010 05:41

Dewdle dol fretan mor les quinepea mislan
Hebble ska debble frol seemil wa-widder spoan
Marlean murgede gost galawa kenports wikwik
Shalifudien mionfo harvemmen masootro biangud
Eloshum keev gras kel nondr mer hassfel cid
Houghtful hebrosia amreden matuvian senfolden
Me gotl sis, hyrs flodiotech sym mateiv?
Jo geviadan hoth sen. Sen mat or nopem kelio.
Huudidoo dub de dub dibbitydub laralama kashnef.
Sul mikito monenemato givid ses ronsil beleiven
Hes modra es fraden, is fraden comdoo
Tiv cormeton heskil wam mercen stid flue.
Yak kimatosa koronowo hat. Hebadee midvillon
Sematen roud lea mun rom sav hedlegruftar.
Sisigean hosled misathean frond zus haus maik.
Eezeveener miihavio molroh hebble ga dweeble sunnio mjer.
Harmeen ha zwetch maken hostrol cobitsen
Hem lusdin sa watcha ragalaka homm.
Mjie guldrum siv hoveir holdast hezten karsonn
Lo epie he mrunen go kasdaw gitchoo.
See every eye with your eyes
Every stare as you stare at their stares
And they're staring at you.
Hippoes and hammocks with happy house-owners
His hapless and homely, wealthy and groaning
Keeps staring at staring in his mind
A mind turned to mush and goo.

13.Tiistai 30.03.2010 05:32

Pirates murmur soft quotations
Of relinquished inventions
And forgotten cures.
Like a spider approaching a carnival ride
The swimmer is surely taken by surprise
Handmade minds
And manmade time
Stick to the glitches or listen and whine
The reason of life is the reason of life
And it's in your eye, your perception.
Reality is a placebo, a vibrating shell
It's made out of ice-cream and glue.
With every new word such as shlanken or golmen
A new person is born, coloured blue.
One day the flar made his way into a forest
A lollipop-forest, no kidding.
He walked there, in circles and spirals, and met
A mumblecreature times two.
The first creature, now mumbling, approached my dear flar
He sat on his elbow and yawned
The other one followed it's elder's approach
'Cause it wasn't used to thinking that hard.
The flar now yelped, stepping back in confusion
As the fusion of the creatures started
A mumblecreature twice minus one has become now
A sawdust-covered kettle.
The flar quickly snatched the kettle
Thinking it was pot
And ran away.

12.Tiistai 30.03.2010 05:27

Have you ever tried actually opening the door?
It's quite simple and rewarding
Like climate-change and keyholes
And streetlights and snakes and sugar.

Behind the door everything is cool
The insects - the police
The maggots - your mom
Whine while your wife drinks wine
And whistle while your horse takes a bullet.

Heavy but happy, feather-like cakes
Cake and oregano-fucking-juice.
Seems we can't take care of ourselves
So we piss on the mattress instead.
Loud gleam gadooble mazooka mel kamriten kh
Kevlar cartoons sing of wars and famine
Metronome clock, tic toc, pickpocket cock cop.
Kings on their mountains
Music, still breezes, piano keyholes.

Surely missing the second chance
Give in, break it in, make your day a bean
Milk the milkyway, make it disappear.

11.Tiistai 30.03.2010 05:20

I sometimes think there's a man behind my window
And sometimes it's not a man, it's two
Or a pidgeon
Or a tree.
I used to see the world in black and white
But as the contrast grew, my view of this oval kingdom crumbled.

As if I wouldn't wait for you
My reasons are few, but my drive is a bomb
A time-bomb that will explode at random
Into lemonade and heroes.

The only time I didn't wake up
And the sky's already this yellow
A penny for a knife or I'll take your life
Making your life more valuable than a coin.
Sit down the stairs are melting into my vortex is made of spirals of eyes within eyes within eyes closed for the duration of the movie sucked so I got high instead.

Will you open your head
Happy for you
You are a joy
A toy for dogs
A loyal companion, drooling beside me
Reminding me of all the time that's running out.

10.Tiistai 30.03.2010 05:15

My brain is melting
And his has grown dull
A father of feces has now slowed down
Keelmeer, the dragon
Has lost it's appetite
Now it only feeds on living, breathing
Mistaking them for hats
Sunning it's sheeve, licking it's tongue
Mystery meat may mind this plateau
Winning is easy, losing is hard
A tad, miss smoker
Give the frog a kiss
Turn it into a prince
Or a priest
Or a handbag.

Aching clocks tic toc their way through time
I tried to be a clock once
I just ticked, tocked and tossed it
I can't be a clock, I'm a suitcase
And you're the handbag I made.
I can hear you smiling
The grin on my face on my carcass is widening
Live again, die tomorrow
Mash mash mush hewl heighty ho.

Live again, die yesterday
And dye tomorrow green.