"Sinulla on kauniit kasvot, mutta sielusi polttaa juutalaisia tälläkin hetkellä"

I DONT FEEL LIKE DANCIN'Tiistai 11.12.2007 11:30

This is one of the moments when I just wanna close my eyes, pray and die. Not languish like this half dead, half living. It depends on how you look at it. Look at me, am I pretty or what?

I like to pick my nose with a stick.

Let me bleed, let me breed a pair of wings and be far away from here. Dont you know, this kind of existence is Hell. Im just staring at all 4 walls at the same time and it makes me wanna puke my lungs, liver and stomach upside down. Brains scream: PAIN, PAIN, PAIN!

What kind of drugs a doctor would prescribe to me?
Yellow, red and gum bears.

Screw you, Im going to die.
The only things what we can take with us in Hell is tattooed on our skins.
Dry wood and pulp is whatta I need indeed.

Maybe my own blood have poisened me.
My only love sprungs my only hate.

Totuus löytyy kaurapuurosta!

... I thought that in my coffee have been added syanide.
Here is a deadly proof.


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