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Gurfeus talksPerjantai 28.04.2006 02:29

Disneyland was a happy place to be but not too happy, it was just perfect before the evil Tailor Bob Johnson came and destroyed the beautines of enjoy. I was wery wery angry about that, but there was nothing to do, he was too powerful to beat. So i had to lose this battle and start another one. I started my new battle with man called Monsun Mongoloid, becos he was retarted and ugly as shit. I felt no mercy when destroing he´s life. Actually i felt pretty good and fine. Then suddenly i lost control of the sitsuation and went crazy and mad. I lived nearly a year in a small boat surrounded by jellyfishes and a seagull, wich i hated. then i got an urgent need to go and find the true meaning of every existance. I realised what it was but i cant tell you what it was, you must expierience it, and then you may get little closer to your self.


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