Genius of FailureMaanantai 31.12.2007 01:21

When I think about it, I just come to no other end. I'm the Genius of failure to perfection. Actually I don't think that it'd be even possible for someone to fail consecutively day after day, plan after plan and time after time. Everything I come upon, every person I fall for, everything I care for and even the things that I plan to do with all I have comes upon a dead end with a thick, cold wall. As they say "The life is a struggle from the moment you're born till your death."

The thing that has come to amuse me is that I'd keep on climibing and clinging to things I wanted everytime I fell down to that deep well. And now, I finally understand my own stupidity. There is no point in climbing if you don't have the neccessary tools or a pair of wings.

In the end, not only I fail to get things done right, I lose what's really precious to me which I come to realise only after losing it. Regretting it won't help, neither will yearning for it. I can't return to that time to change things So I just have to suck it up yet another time.

Right now the life itself has no meaning or a color to me. for various reasons that is. I've been here twice before and wish no one to feel the way I feel. The only thing I've gained along this painful journey is experience. Tough and undesirable experience. And what have I lost...? Every thing I've tried to gained plus every precious "thing" I cared for. And one thing that has come to conclude is that there are types of people who'll succeed without even trying, and there are some that have made to be the symbol of failure, like me, a Genius of failure.

I sum this with a quote from In Flames: "I've come to the conclusion - yes I know, That between Black & White there is no room for two!"

have fun and try to live your life to the fullest, Peace


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